Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Language WOK Reflection

I believe that my group did a great job on explaining how language works as a way of knowing. We started off by discerning between language, communication, and speech. Language is following a specific set of rules defining speech. We discussed the possible origins of language, and what the world would be like without language.

We posed questions, that encouraged good class conversation. I feel that my classmates were truly intrigued by the presentation. It was a great idea to start with the language charades game. We got the class involved from the beginning of the lesson. I also feel that the videos were key elements to our success in the presentation. The videos tied together what had been said, and further extended our points.

I think Eva did a good job at orchestrating, specifically in making sure our timing was good. We literally finished at 3:10 which was impeccable, and wouldn't have happened without Eva. Nykia was very knowledgeable in the origins of language. She did a great job at formulating class discussion questions. Rebekah kept the class upbeat with her useful comments. Finally, Gabe was did a good job working on the powerpoint.

I know that we're always supposed to have "room for improvement" and all of that blah blah blah... but honestly I didn't see any need for improvement in any area. I feel that our presentation hit every point that it needed to, and it also avoided meaningless elements. Every aspect had value to it. I don't believe that there was a need to add or take out anything. If there was, I was oblivious to it. I thought it went great.

Most importantly, our group worked well together. From each person deciding what they were interested in researching, to us tying all of our information together, to the flowing organization of the powerpoint, to how we all took turns in explaining, answering questions, and teaching about our area of specified knowledge, we truly worked well together. We all came together on one accord to get the work done, and that's what made our project have a successful outcome.

Being the teacher for the day was not something that thoroughly enjoyed, but it wasn't dreadful or anything. I didn't reveal anything about me to myself... as far as I'm concerned.. but either way the project was very good.

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  1. You taught for 90 minutes and you didn't make one mistake? And you didn't learn anything about yourself either? I don't buy it. If that's the case, you didn't work hard enough.

    Good summary, though, of the high points. The activity was good, as was the pacing. In the future, don't let yourself off the hook. If I ask for at least one weakness, find at least one weakness! This is the road to self-evaluation. (If you can find your own areas for improvement, you'll become your own teacher!)